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Laser Safety Enclosures – Custom made to fit your facility

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

RT Technologies designs and manufactures custom laser safety enclosures. Our enclosures are tailor-made for your specific application. Whether you need a full sized room with a door for a robot, or a portable enclosure that can be moved from place to place, we have a solution for you.

Room Size Laser Safety Enclosures

Delivery for a room size enclosure is about 4-6 weeks (ARO). All of our enclosures include a complimentary US FDA CDRH and/or laser safety evaluation completed by our CLSO (Certified Laser Safety Officer).

For optimal safety, any area where lasers are in use needs to be separate from the rest of the facility. Our enclosures are certified to Class 1 Level protection (General Public Access). We design the enclosure to fit your needs. Whether you have a robot, conveyor belt, or any other automated parts, we can design an enclosure for your application.

Portable Laser Safety Enclosures

If you don’t need a permanent enclosure (usually needed for cutting and high powered lasers), we can help you design an enclosure that is movable. One example is having an open structure made from aluminum. We can then use custom laser blocking curtains to drape over it. This option could be easily moved and stored. Another option is having a more robust structure made of aluminum profiles. Eye bolts could be connected to the top, and then moved with a hoist. Alternatively, you could move it with a forklift.

We are not limited to laser safety enclosures. We also provide acoustic, cutting, modular, splash, and automotive enclosures to name a few.

When you need an enclosure for your new laser, please give us a call at 770-332-0092. Getting started is simple. We will have you fill out an enclosure worksheet. After that is filled out, we will have an initial call before we provide a quote.


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